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Let Your Property by Turning to Our Highly Skilled Agency
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Don’t worry about renting your property by relying on the hardworking, experienced team at Dwelling Estates Ltd. At our letting agents, in London, our experts in rental properties are on hand to save you time and money. Thanks to our professional expertise, you can count on us to either sell or rent your property.

Our Process

To make sure that we provide you with the best possible service, there are a few simple steps that we follow. We have outlined them below so that can gain an understanding of our how our specialists operate.

· Step 1 – Arrange for the gas and electric safety certification.

· Step 2 – Advertise the property in as many locations as we can.

· Step 3 – Arrange a viewing of the property on behalf of the landlord.

· Step 4 – Accept the right offer for the property. We will take any money to secure the property and put it on hold. We’ll also carry out any reference or credit checks for you.

· Step 5 – Collect the first months’ rent and deposit. The deposit will be protected by one of the three schemes (if applicable)

· Step 6 – The final step is to draft out a tenancy and carry out a checking of inventory on the property.

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